f We Know Nothing
We Know Nothing

   I don’t believe in the air we breath.  I don’t believe in the indulgence of  the soul that swallows you whole. I don’t believe in the love everlasting. I don’t believe in your words that sound like buildings falling to their knees. I don’t believe in sadness shown through hi-def screens. I don’t believe in the blood we bleed or the need we have to be a part of something that is not dark. 

   I believe in the noise that travels along the wires to our laughing hearts, it echoes into eternity.  I believe in true love but I’ve never seen it, but I feel it’s effects.  I believe in God. I believe in fraud. I believe in evil. I believe in good. I believe in my neighborhood. I believe in happiness. I believe in history. I believe in time travel. I believe that  at the center of all that is there is a child asleep holding the universe as his blanket.  the most important thing in life is to believe that there is more then my soul can touch, more then I can kiss, love or tell stories about. That I control nothing but am apart of everything and every decision I make can and will change  the world.  We laugh and see that jokes are not funny but a statement of how sadness is a passing train on fire that is drowned in our childhood memories. I know that everything I can touch is real but when I kiss  you on the mouth all of reality is bent to your beautiful face. this is the human race.