f We Know Nothing
We Know Nothing

I am a fiend/friend. I am a lover/liar. I am a savior/soldier. I am a dreamer/dream. I am a whisper/scream. I am a shiver/seizure. I am a guardian/guise. I am a love ballad/ funeral song. I am a sentence/debate. I am a name/soul. I am a wise-man/fool. I am a disease/cure.

I was a child/imaginary friend. I was a laugh/cry. I was a thought/an act. I was a grain of salt/beach. I was a drop of water/ocean. I was a mouth/tongue. I was a past tense/tense. I was a pattern/a poem.

I was a leaf, veins reaching out to connect to the fleshy web of humanity, 

I am the present tense. 

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